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English Electric Lightning XR768

Owned by the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

The aircraft is being Restored & repainted By GJD and new graphics added prior to going to

Cosford for the RAF 100 Celebrations. Then Back to CAHC for permanent display

We will add new images to the gallery as work progresses over the coming weeks.

The Aircraft Jn Sections Ready to transport to GJD

Inside GJD’s Hanger and Back on Its Wheels

Back in One Piece and In Transit to Another Hanger

Starting to get its Identity Back

Nose Graphics Being fitted at Cosford

More Work done on the Nose

Small Details Being Added

More Safety and Service Markings

On Display at Cosford Air show 2018

On Display at Bruntingthorpe 4 Lightning’s 2018

Me alongside the Nose

Tiger on the Tail

At 4 Lightning’s 2018

Looking up at the nose