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Live Steam Models

We regularly create lining and crests etc for Live Steam models in variety of sizes from

3½ inch to 7¼ Inch gauge Locomotives to Stationary and Traction Engines.

All work is done in house or at the customers workshop and each set is custom made to the

Customers specification.

Decals and lining can also be created for the customer to fit and include detailed instructions on how to apply the decals to get the best results.

Lining is produced as cad cut vinyl with  crests and small markings as either Printed Vinyl or

Water Slide Decals.

See the Photographs below for examples of our work.

For further information, a free no obligation quote, or to discuss your requirements


3” Scale Burrell Traction Engine

Details of the 3” Burrell

Stationary Engine

5” Gauge B1 Locomotive

3½ “ Gauge Black 5 Locomotive

3½ ” Gauge G N R Tender

2” Scale Showman’s Engine

Details from a 5” Gauge Deltic Locomotive