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Types of Decals

This guide explains the main types of decals we produce and their applications.

If you are new to modelling we would recommend that you read this guide before ordering.

We are always available to advise customers  to ensure you get the best from our products

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics come in two types simple Cad Cut Vinyl and Printed Cad Cut Vinyl or Stickers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages and both have their uses especially when used in conjunction with each other or with other media such as Water Slide Decals.

Cad Cut Vinyl Comes in a range of colours, Is easy to apply and is usually used for large Texts. Numbers & Logos. It can also be used for adding graphics to an airframe for sport and scale  models.

The vinyl we use is 70 Microns thick and is thin enough to to show brush marks through when used on full size aircraft and can be Cad Cut to almost any shape. Cad Cut vinyl is not suitable for small graphics or small models.

Printed Cad Cut Vinyl Can be printed to produce full colour graphics which can be cad cut to any shape. The media comes in two forms Clear and White and each can be used for different purposes depending on the colour of the airframe where the graphic is to be applied. This media is ideal for roundels and safety markings etc. All our Printed Vinyl Graphics are coated with a Acrylic Lacquer to protect the graphic from Scratching and Ultra Violet exposure.   

Paint Masks

Paint Masks Can be used to create almost any marking on large models for the ultimate in realism and can be used in conjunction with Water Slide Decals to create highly detailed sets for War birds, Jets etc.

Paint masks can be made in almost any size though small stenciling smaller than 1/5 scale is  very time consuming to make and therefore very expensive. Complex masks can be created with separate

Masks for each colour in the design.

The material used to create our Paint Masks is only 70 microns thick and translucent.

Masks requiring Application tape come ready taped with a low tack, transparent App Tape for easier positioning pf the Mask.  

All graphics containing more than a single mask come with comprehensive illustrated instructions.

Water Slide Decals

Water Slide Decals are ideal for smaller models or small detail markings on large models. and can be used in conjunction with Vinyl Graphics or Paint masks.

Decals can be printed in full colour or in single colours including white and are simply trimmed from the sheet and placed in cold water for a few seconds till the transfer releases from the backing and  is then slid into place on the model. Excess water is then removed and the decal allowed to dry.

For best results the model should be gloss coated before the decals are applied and a decal softening fluid used in place of water once all the decals are applied and any weathering done the model can be given a couple of coats of mat. Using this method the carrier around the decals becomes almost invisible even on close inspection.

Most of our sets use Water Slide decals in conjunction with Paint Masks.

Dry Rub Decals

Dry Rub Decals are difficult to produce and are the most expensive way to produce decals the results are very good as the finished decal is very thin and has no carrier.

The decal is simply rubbed down to release it from the carrier and works best on large models which have been Glass Clothed or are made of composite materials.

For large Models above 1/5th scale we can cut paint masks which give even better results and as a result we do not currently produce Dry Rub Decals, Though we are looking to add them to our range

Later in 2017.

1/5.75 Jet Provost

This 1/5.75 scale Jet Provost Built by Kingfisher Aviation  from the kit by

Willis Warbirds Using one of our Sets.

The Markings are a mixture of

Paint Masks: for the Roundels and Tail Flashes

Printed Vinyl’s: for all the coloured Small Markings and Crests

Cad Cut Vinyl: Used for the Numbers on the fuselage and Letters on the Tail and Wing tip Tanks.

1/5 Scale F$ U Corsair

This 1/5 scale Jet Provost Built by Kingfisher Aviation  Uses Both our Markings and

Detailing Set

The Stars and Bars were Painted using Paint Masks from our Set.

These are 2 Part Masks and are over laid to paint the two colours.

These are Large Paint masks

The small White Stencils are Water Slide Decals

1/5 Scale F$ U Corsair

This 1/5 scale Jet Provost Built by Kingfisher Aviation  Uses Both our Markings and

Detailing Set

The Numbers and Lucybelle Texts are

Paint Masks

The small White Stencils and Kill Markings

are Waters Slide Decals