Model Aircraft

1/5 Scale F4U Corsair

F4 U Corsair Which was Built By Kingfisher Aviation using our

Panel Lining Tape, Rivet and Fastener Details, Vinyl Panel Kit, Paint Masks, and Waterslide Decals.

Model Aircraft Graphics

We can create model Aircraft Graphics in a range of media including, Paint Masks, Vinyls and Waterslide Decals. Most sets are usually mixed media with Paint Masks and either Vinyl or Waterslide Decals. with large models being finished with Paint Masks and Small Models being finished in Waterslide Decals.

All our model sets are custom made to the customers requirements and suitable graphics can be made weather for a large scale RC Warbird, RC Sports Jet or a small Static Model.

In addition to decal sets we also over detailing kits for Large Models including Lining Tape, Rivet and Fastener Details and Panel Kits.

All our Products come complete with Instructions and Placement Diagrams for ease of use. 

We are also available to offer advice either by Telephone or Email if you encounter problems along the way.

Visit the Model Aircraft Gallery for Examples or the Online store to see our range of products.


Types of Model Aircraft Graphics

We can produce Model aircraft Markings in a range of media including Paint Masks, Cad Cut Vinyl, Printed Vinyl & Waterslide Decals

This photograph shows a range of paint masks. These are shown with the application tape in place ready to use.

This is part of a set for a made

1/4 scale De Haviland Chipmunk.

This custom nose art decal was made as a large Waterslide Decal but could also have been made as a Printed Vinyl.

This is fitted to a customers

P47 Razorback Thunderbolt.

This image shows a typical mixed media set. This is made up of Paint Masks and Printed Vinyl Graphics and can be seen fitted to the 1/5.65 Scale Jet Provost in the Galleries.

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